DSA recommends 47 hours before taking the driving test.

Pricing 08:00 – 16:00 Monday – Friday:

  • 1H/£ 25
  • 2H Lesson/£ 50
  • 10H/£ 240
  • 20H/£ 480
  • EXAM/£ 80
  • PASS PLUS 6H/£ 150

One lesson is 2 hours long. If you choose to pay for just one lesson, you’ll have to pay 50£.

*Taking the practical driving test in my car – 80 £

pricingI like this popular, but very true saying: “Time is money!“. We sometimes think a lot about the costs, but very little about the time.

The most important investment in becoming a very good driver is time. I care very much about the time my students invest in their driving skills which is why I do not want to spend time in vain.

Each minute I spend with my students is valued because the time invested in driving can be translated as “experience”.

The price you pay for your driving lessons is time, rather than money, and it is the most important investment you can make for your future as a driver. Think about this when you decide to start your driving lessons.

Female driving instructor Elena Tanasa – Heretfordshire Elena’s driving school